New Construction Wiring

Plan your low voltage installation when the walls are open.

There is no better time to plan your remodel or new home construction low voltage installation than when you are under construction or planning to be.

Just as you plan where all of the fine details from where your electrical outlets will be to all of the finishing touches in your new home or addition you’re building, it is the perfect time to plan where all of your low voltage wiring will be installed, too. Even if you don’t have the installation done right away, having the wires installed while the walls are open will save you in the long run. Plus, installation will certainly be easier and faster!

Smart Homes

Whether you’re planning a kitchen remodel, building an addition onto your existing home, or starting a new home build altogether, lean on our expertise to help you create your smart home at the outset. We’ll work with you, listening to your wants and needs, to give you different recommendations from specific outlet placements to new or improved security features to easily placed low voltage wiring that will make adding automation down the road as new technology continues to be released.

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